Screen Printing

Our screen printing services are a perfect choice for your business, school, sports team or special event utilizing only top of the line, high quality inks and a variety of apparel.  Kinetic Ink will work to make sure your expression is seen and your statement is heard.

Types of Screen Printing


This is the traditional, most versatile style of printing where ink can be printed on any garment or fabric.  In this application, the ink sits on top of the chosen product.  A variety of ink colors and garment choices are available.

Process Printing

In this process, the inks combine on the garment to achieve many shades of colors and is only available when printing on white and light colored garments.  This printing has a softer feel to the ink than a Plastisol print.

Discharge Printing

Discharge ink is a water based ink mixed with a discharge agent that removes the manufacturer dye in the ‘to be’ printed portion of the garment.  The discharge ink is applied to ‘re-dye’ the print area in the desired color.   This process is best suited for the application of bright colors on dark garments, the best results are obtained using 100% cotton fabric.  The objective is for a ‘no feel’ wear of the ink on the garment.

We believe you deserve to wear a great quality print.

“The shirts look and feel great! Quality printing and fair pricing!” – Joe H.

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