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Brian Leonard

My core competency is creating a vision and executing it. I can develop and deliver thought leadership and creative solutions that strengthen the company’s market distinction and leadership position. I can attain this distinction through continual creative improvement while actively contributing to a culture of innovation and excellence while holding myself accountable.

Growing new business and developing client relationships is a top priority. Conceiving and creating experience-oriented design solutions will be a key tool in fulfilling this strategic business objective. By understanding our customer needs I will be able to generate inspiring, industry-leading solutions across all platforms. Integrating print, digital and mobile solutions will create a uniform experience for our customers, which will ultimately build trust and, as stated before as a top priority, develop relationships.

I possess an excellent technical ability that will allow me to execute projects after their conception. This is where the big picture meets the minute details. I will be able to not only oversee, but be a part of the workflow and execution for every project. This will ensure all concepts are developed and executed according to company standards.

All concepts and creations will serve a higher purpose – to build brand equity. I will aim to build an emotional attachment that links customers with our product(s). This will be achieved through direct experience with our company. This experience, repeated over time, will enable our customers will recognize that we are different and better than any alternative. The brand equity will ultimately evolve into brand loyalty from our customers.

I have a passion and hunger for the next big idea. I want to use my experience in the creative field to help create an iconic brand that is engaged with it’s customers. I want to blow our customer’s minds with inventive, out-of-the box thinking that they have never seen before.

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